The Late Honorary President Chun, Joong-yoon helped the people in hunger with Korea’s first instant noodles in 1960.
He believed that it was his mission to provide healthier, more nutritional food and leave a well-preserved natural environment for the next generations.
His firm determination to raise cattle to supply protein motivated him to explore the highlands of Daegwallyeong which was filled with primitive forests and too secluded for the people to visit.
The history of Samyang Roundhill began with his strong belief for the people and made the impossible possible.

  • Samuang Roundhill is determined to preserve the nature.
    Samyang Roundhill’s principles for the future is to protect Mother Nature with the sustainable Cultivation-Livestock Circulation Farming and to minimize people’s intervention to share the food given by nature.

  • Is there any other company besides Samyang Food that runs a food company and a farm at the same time?
    In other words, there was a reason why we decided to run a farm when we didn’t have to.
    You will see my idea behind the instant noodles if you come to Daegwallyeong Farm.

  • When I first created the instant noodles, a bag of instant noodles was not nutritionally enough for those who barely ate one meal a day.
    We are born with 14 billion brain cells and 60 trillion cells altogether, right?
    And a hundred to two hundred thousand cells die each day and what would happen if you are undernourished in your working age?
    The cells will quickly die out, won’t they? So I decided to put beef in the seasoning. .
    That was the motivation of Samyang’s Sogogi Ramyeon (Beef Instant Noodles).
    I wanted them to eat well.
    So I decided to raise cattle myself.
    I started a farm to raise healthy cattle myself and put a lot of beef in the seasoning.

    - Excerpted from an interview with Monthly Joongang, Aug 2009. -
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