Various things to experience
at Samyang Roundhill and
a walk along the Wooden Fence Trail

Samyang Roundhill’s Wooden Fence Trail consists of five zones: Hill of the Wind, Rest in the Forest, Memory of Love, Walk in the Pasture, and Rest of Mind.
The 4.5km Wooden Fence Trail is beloved by many tourists seeking peace of mind with its distinct scenic points.
If you want to enjoy Samyang Roundhill, we invite you to walk at least one of the five zones of the trail!

Zone Name of Trail Distance Duration
Zone 1 Hill of the Wind 550m 10 minutes
Zone 2 Rest in the Forest 930m 20 minutes
Zone 3 Memory of Love 650m 15 minutes
Zone 4 Walk in the Pasture 1,470m 30 minutes
Zone 5 Rest of Mind 900m 20 minutes
Total 4,500m 1 hour 45 minutes
1 2 3 4 5
Dong Hae Observatory stations
Get off at the Memory of Love Station
Pasture Station
Pasture Station
  • Tourist Center
    (First Aid/Nursing Rooms)
  • Farm Shop/Lounge
  • The Wish & Wind Mailbox
  • Restrooms
  • Bus Stop
  • Parking Lot
  • Pine Lounge