‘The clean 19.835k㎡ grassland
farm on a highland’

Samyang Roundhill is Asia’s greatest farm nestled on the highland rising 850~1,470 m above sea level free of pollution.
It is Korea’s largest farm with the animals naturally grazing on the 19.835k㎡ green pasture and wind power generators standing high on the hills to supply an environmentally-friendly source of energy using natural winds.
The shepherding performance on the vast grassland is Korea’s one and only show available at nowhere else but Samyang Roundhill and you can also enjoy various things to see and experience, including calf nursing experience and sheep and ostrich feeding experience.

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01. About Samyang Roundhill

‘The Natural Nature’

Samyang Roundhill is dedicated to growing animals in the natural setting.

The open and wide organic grassland sets a delicious table for the animals and offers a comforting shelter with a miraculously beautiful view for the people.

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02. Organic Livestock

‘Healthy food,
the gift of Mother Nature’

The organic milk, ice cream, and Manju made with the healthy milk from the happy cows grown in nature are the natural food that you can enjoy only at Samyang Roundhill.

Samyang Roundhill presents healthy food with the heart of love for the people from the very beginning.

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03. Natural Food

‘With Nature,
People, and Animals’

Samyang Roundhill is a healing place for the modern people who want to relax.
It is a participatory farm where you can get close to and interact with the cows, sheep, ostriches, and other animals that are peacefully grazing in the vast 19.835k㎡ grassland.


04. Tour and Experience

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